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FREE Estimate on Dr. Colorchip Scratch & Rock Chip Repair

Rock chips & flying road debris will get worse on your paint this winter.

A stinging handful of pea-sized dirt coming at you at 80 mph leaves deep and injurious scars in your paint. Road rash, bugs, stone chips, muck, sand, abrasion, dirt, and pebbles flung all over your vehicle when driving stings your paint, plastics, and glass, and it is twice as bad during the winter months due to winter road treatments.

BTBM chip repair specialists use a proprietary three-step paint chip repair process by Dr. Colorchip for repairing small, deep scratches, dents, and dings that pit your paint.

Much less expensive and time-consuming than an automotive body shop, BTBM's SCR process is an easy and effective way to touch-up minor automotive paint chips and road rash, while guaranteeing an exact OEM match to your car's finish

Find out more about Bill the Buff Man's Minor Repairs, including Rock chip & SCR.

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